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21 December 2014

The NTA is making headway in the organisation and staging of a national Vocational Education and Training career fair, as a key deliverable under its current Business Plan. The activity ties in with the strategic goal to promote and market Vocational Education and Training as a viable career path amongst young Namibians.

The Manager: PR, Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Mornay Louw (photo) sheds more light on the event:

Q: What is the main objective behind the National Vocational Education and Training Career Fair?
A: We anticipate that the event, which is to be known as the National Skills Expo, will support the NTA in bringing together on a shared platform, public and private registered training providers, corporate entities and other industry stakeholders to partner the NTA in the promotion of technical and vocational careers. Not only does it align well with our current “Live your Passion” advocacy campaign, but we also hope that through the expo, we will establish another platform from which to counter perceptions stigmatising VET as “last choice education” and fighting stereotypes profiling VET practitioners as inferior”.

Q: Any other objectives?
A: Yes, a number of them. We want to generate institutional experience in the staging of an event of such a magnitude and lay the groundwork for the staging of Namibia’s first national skills competition. We also want to support equal opportunities and promote social inclusion by raising the aspirations of disadvantaged groups and support them in gaining access to opportunities that might otherwise have been denied to them.
Another important objective is to widen the net beyond what is traditionally considered the VET cohort (learners who have failed Grade 10 and 12, early school leavers, unemployed youth).

Q: What makes the Skills Expo different from other career fairs on offer?
A: VET career fairs differ from ‘ordinary’ career fairs insofar that the latter focus more on a document approach where teams engage visitors to stalls and hand out brochures, flyers, application forms and prospectus documents. In contrast, VET career fairs place significant emphasis on having actual job practitioners on site and creating opportunities where visitors can directly engage professionals and practitioners and gain first-hand knowledge about the various career options. Other typical activities include on-site demonstrations and simulation activities.
The National Skills Expo is to adopt the same concept, which has already proven very successful internationally. It is indeed the same concept being applied by World Skills International affiliate countries, when staging regional and national skills competitions.

Q: In your opinion, how can the staging of the National Skills Expo contribute to the overall objectives of the NTA?
A: The rationale behind the aforementioned activity, as formulated in our Business Plan, is clear: Improving the efficiency of the national training system and managing its interface with the labour market.

If individuals make decisions about what they are to learn in a well-informed and well- thought-through way, linked to their interests, their capacities and their aspirations, investments in education and training systems are likely to yield higher returns.
Staging the National Skills Expo can also support equal opportunities and promoting social inclusion through raising the aspirations of disadvantaged groups and supporting them in gaining access to opportunities that might otherwise have been denied to them. It can also go a long way in profiling the NTA and the VET sector at large, as important enablers in the development of skills required for the economic development of our country. The event can create positive brand awareness for the NTA through profiling the organisation as a responsible, efficient and effective custodian of the VET sector.

Q: The NTA is to partner with Namibia Careers Expo in the staging of the National Skills Expo. Tell us more about your partnership?

A: ‘Namibia Careers Expo’ has organised the biggest local annual career fair for the past six years. NCE also has strong networks with corporate entities, sponsors and exhibitors and indeed key partnerships with local and regional training institutions. They also have key logistical links with support service providers such as transport, staging, lighting, sound, security, cleaning services, amenities, catering and on-site event management support.

Under its advertising and marketing arm, NCE is also going to take the lead in creating awareness about the event amongst exhibitors and visitors. Indeed, the track record of Namibia Careers Expo, having reached in excess of 16 000 Grade 10 – 12 learners through its premier annual event since 2009, makes it a key strategic partner to assist the NTA in the successful organisation and staging of the National VET Career Fair. It just makes business sense for the NTA to partner with this entity and tap into its progressive knowledge, experience and networks in the organisation and staging of career events.

Q: When is the event going to take place? Who can interested exhibitors contact?
A: We have secured the Ramatex Textile factory as a venue, where the event is to take place from the 25th to the 28th of February 2015. Interested parties can contact PR and Marketing Officer, Roberta da Costa at 061-2078521, or rdacosta@nta.com.na . Our NCE partners can be reached at 061 245 711, or helenangaifiwa@gmail.com The registration form can be downloaded from our website through the following link – http://www.nta.com.na/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2015-Skills-Expo-Exhibitors-Registration-Form-Pack.pdf

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17 October 2014

Over ninety representatives of industry, community organisations and private and public training providers gathered at NTA Village on Thursday, 17th October, to receive a report from TEN (Pty) Ltd on the review of competency-based education and training [CBET] in the VET system in Namibia. This meeting was one of a series conducted at major centres across the nation.

Earlier this year TEN (Pty) Ltd, a Namibian education and training consultancy company, was appointed by the NTA to review the status of CBET implementation in the VET sector, identify the factors inhibiting CBET implementation and produce a proposal for a reformed model and implementation plan for CBET that best fits the VET system in Namibia.

TEN (Pty) Ltd has met with stakeholders across the country and has produced a detailed Issues and Options Paper that sets out the key factors impacting on CBET and a series of proposals for reforming the current arrangements.

While proposing important reforms, such as decentralising the assessment system, the introduction of compulsory job attachment for trainees and the inclusion of technical, occupationally specific Mathematics, Science and English in all VET qualifications, the consultants argued that there is no compelling reason for a major shift in direction in relation to CBET, especially regarding the use of unit standards-based qualifications, the promotion of Recognition of Prior Learning and the development of qualifications pathways that provide multiple entry and exit points for learners.

According to the Consultant, Rob Stowell (photo), the reformed CBET model, which was discussed at the workshop, incorporates all of the features of a modern competency based training system, is clearly aligned with the National Qualifications Framework and takes into account the reforms that have recently been announced to Basic Education. Once implemented the reformed CBET model should ensure that more Namibian have access to high quality, industry supported vocational education and training.

Copies of the Issues and Options Paper, which includes a draft version of the reformed CBET model, and the presentation provided by TEN (Pty) Ltd are available on the following websites: www.nta.com.na and www.ten-namibia.org

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06 October 2014
The Namibia Training Authority, in partnership with the Promotion of Vocational Education and Training (ProVET) Project, is soon to embark on a round of intensive national consultations to solicit the input of industry stakeholders into a range of newly developed qualifications and their constituent unit standards.

Some of the occupational areas in which draft unit standards have been developed, include:
• Diesel and Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic, (Level I, II, and III),
• Safety Officer (Level I, II, III and IV),
• Water & Sanitation Technician (Level I, II, III, and IV) and
• Fire & Rescue Operator (Level I, II, III and IV)

The unit standards have been developed with the respective industries under the facilitation of the ProVET project, applying the Competency-Based Education & Training (CBET) approach.

ProVET Coordinator, Alfeas Shindi (photo), encourages individuals and organisations from the respective industries, or prospective training providers to study and comment on the new qualifications and unit standards. “We will make available the draft unit standards on the NTA’s corporate website for our stakeholders to peruse and to validate by making use of a feedback form which will also be available on the website”, he stressed.

Representatives of the NTA and ProVET are to facilitate the national consultation sessions. Exact dates and venues will be announced in the print media and on the NTA website, in due course.

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The Namibia Training Authority, in partnership with the Promotion of Vocational Education and Training (ProVET) Project. Read More

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The Namibia Training Authority’s Board of Directors, at a media conference held at NTA Village today, responded to allegations and inaccurate information
Read More

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18 August 2014

The Namibia Training Authority’s Board of Directors, at a media conference held at NTA Village today, responded to allegations and inaccurate information contained in a report published in local daily, The Namibian, under the headline “NTA ‘offers’ to pay off former boss”.

Below the full statement issued by the Board of Directors and signed by the Chairperson, Otto.N. Shikongo and Deputy Chairperson, Hilya Nghiwete.

Objective: To brief stakeholders on the position of the NTA Board of Directors in relation to allegations published in local daily, The Namibian, on 08 August 2014.

1. After considering the findings of a forensic investigation by Ernst & Young at the NTA in 2012, the Board of Directors decided to take applicable action and commenced disciplinary proceedings against the CEO, Mrs Maria Nangolo-Rukoro. The Board as such resolved to suspend her, with full pay, effective February 2013, on charges as were issued to her. This decision was taken in line with the mandate of the Board and in the interest of the organisation and the Namibian nation at large
2. The disciplinary hearing commenced on 17 April 2013.
3. In line with the objectives of Namibia’s labour regime to endeavor to resolve disputes between employer and employee internally, BOTH parties, through their respective representatives, agreed on 05 August 2014, to attempt and see whether they could agree on a resolution of the dispute.
4. The arrangement made on 05 August 2014 was due to, inter alia, but not limited to the magnitude of the charges; high legal and related costs for both parties related to the number of hearing days (approximately 22 days to date); and the possibility that the disciplinary proceedings might take another eight to ten months to be concluded. 
The disciplinary proceedings are expected to take that long due to numerous witnesses still to testify to test the findings of the Ernst & Young forensic investigation report, as well as the availability of such witnesses (of whom a significant number are not employed by the NTA) and the respective parties’ representatives.
5. The matter not proceeding on Wednesday, 06 August 2014 was based on a joint decision by both parties’ representatives, as it was anticipated that any discussion along the line of settlement, as well as any decisions reached pursuant thereto, would take a substantial period of time.
6. No ruling was ever made that the Ernst & Young report was declared invalid; that key evidence was thrown out; and that the report was ‘downgraded’ in any manner.
7. No offer to pay out the CEO’s remuneration for the remainder of her contract term, or any other monetary offer, was ever discussed, or made, NEITHER during the week of 4-8 August 2014, NOR previously, by the NTA and/or its Board.
8. On 06 August 2014, the CEO, through her representatives, proposed for the upliftment of her suspension, which proposal was rejected categorically, by the Board.
9. On the request of the CEO’s representatives, months earlier, the matter did not continue on 04 August 2014, as the CEO’s counsel was engaged in a different matter.
10. The expiry of the term of the current Board would not influence the disciplinary process at all. All Board members expected to testify have indicated their willingness to do so, even after the expiry of their terms.
11. The NTA intends to proceed with the disciplinary process against the CEO.
12. The NTA board is considering its options in respect of the newspaper and the reporter who published damaging, inaccurate and baseless information.

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29 July 2014

The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) today. Both institutions pledged to explore synergies and share skills and expertise to the ultimate benefit of the citizens of Namibia.

“We are happy indeed that today we have reached another milestone in our local partnerships by signing an agreement of understanding and co-operation with the NTA,” says Prof Diescho during the signing ceremony.

“The purpose of this MOU is to foster and enhance strategic partnership between NTA and NIPAM for Namibia’s human resources training and development. Focus is put on professional competencies and skills as determined or required by the Namibian government to create a vibrant, dynamic and unified public service, “says Diescho.

In her remarks, Ms. Ester Anna Nghipondoka, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the NTA said that “NIPAM and NTA agree to join hands in addressing the national challenge of educating and training our citizens in skills and competencies needed for the public sector, and more precisely, in public administration.”

“Recognizing and valuing the differing mandates of our respective institutions, one driven by public management principles and the other by skills development pragmatism and philosophy, we are confident that by pooling our institutional resources and organisational capacities, we can make a strong impact in providing the labour market with the requisite knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes for the timely achievement of Vision 2030 goals,” Nghipondoka said.

Areas covered under the partnership include inter alia: institutional and organizational development; staff capacity building and evaluation; leadership skills in the management of the vocational training centers under the NTA’s supervision; the sharing of resources and facilities; joint consultancy, research and publication support services and holding joint seminars, staff attachment and workshops.

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The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) today. Read More

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21 July 2014

The Namibia Training Authority and Peace Corps Namibia entered into a Memorandum of Understanding today, which will see American volunteers placed at the seven Vocational Training Centres(VTCs) under the NTA’s supervision to support existing efforts aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurial skill of trainees.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at NTA Village, Acting CEO, Ester Anna Nghipondoka highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship as a key driver of economic growth. “Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurially-minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses”, she stressed.

Nghipondoka also encouraged trainees at the VTCs to be receptive to the entrepreneurship training to be rendered under the agreement. “It is true that skills training is not the only thing you require to one day become successful businesspeople. You will also require additional support in terms of access to capital and collateral to start your own businesses. However, do not be discouraged by the chalellenges you face. Remember that in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”, she remarked.

On his part, Peace Corps Namibia’s Director of Training And Programming, Daniel Rooney said the two organisations shared a common purpose in training the next generation of Namibian youth.

Rooney stated that he was inspired by the partnership and was looking forward to the immediate enactment of the terms of the collaboration. “We look forward to years of collaboration as we work hand in hand in the training of young Namibians, and ultimately prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs”, he stated.

The agreement provides for Peace Corps volunteers to be assigned for a period of 24 months to the Eenhana VTC; Nakayale VTC at Outapi; Rundu VTC; Okakarara VTC; Valombola VTC at Ongwediva and Zambezi VTC at Katima Mulilo.

The volunteers are to begin their assignments on the 25th of September. The NTA is to provide volunteers with an orientation of the project and its activities and the community in which they are to serve. The NTA is also to provide housing in line with pre-agreed requirements.

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17 July 2014

The Namibia Training Authority signed a joint Recognition and Procedural Agreement with the Namibian Public Workers Union (NAPWU) and the Namibia National Teachers Union (NANTU) today.

The agreement is based on a majority of instructors at the Vocational Training Centres under the NTA’s supervision, being paid-up members of NANTU, and the majority of administrative personnel, being paid-up members of NAPWU, which two categories of employees jointly comprise the bargaining unit.

Acting CEO, Ester Anna Nghipondoka said the joint agreement was the logical and natural outcome of a process started more than two years ago. “Negotiating an exclusive agreement with a labour union is seldom an easy and straightforward task. However, we persevered and this agreement is yet another milestone for our young, but vibrant organisation”, she stressed.

Nghipondoka highlighted that the agreement was in line with the NTA Strategic Plan, recently reviewed by the Board of Directors, under which the organisation aspires to establish itself as the port of call for vocational skills in Namibia. “Our Strategic Plan recognises our employees as our most important asset in this regard, because without a positive, motivated and dedicated workforce, we will not be able to achieve any of our strategic goals”, the Acting CEO remarked.

Speaking on behalf of the two labour unions, the Deputy General Secretary of NAPWU, Gabes Andumba said the two unions were committed to the improvement of the conditions of service and employment of members through a collective bargaining process, as provided for under the agreement.