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16 March 2015

The month of April promises to be a busy month for the NTA’s National Training Fund Department as it braces itself for about two-thousand-200 Employer Training Grant claims to be submitted by VET Levy registered employers, over this period.

However, National Training Fund General Manager, Joseph Mukendwa (photo) is confident that all the required systems and processes are in place to ensure a smooth submission, processing and disbursement process. Under the Employer Training Grant Funding Window, registered employers can claim back, on production of valid evidence, up to 50 percent of the levies they have paid for actual costs of training conducted.

Mukendwa said his department was to embark upon a nationwide sensitisation campaign later this month to share information on the claims process with registered employers. “Three teams are going to be dispatched to those locations where we have significant numbers of registered employers and we encourage our VET Levy-paying companies to attend these sessions”, he noted. “It is of utmost importance that they familiarise themselves with the requirements and the processes to be followed so as to ensure that their claims are processed efficiently”, he added.

Claims can be submitted for training programmes delivered in-company or externally and should reach the NTA within 31 days after the end of the financial year, which is from the 1st of April to the 1st of May, every year.

Employers who do not submit claims risk forfeiting grants, unless otherwise agreed by the NTA. All unclaimed grants are to be transferred to the Key Priority Grant Funding Window towards other training interventions, as approved by the NTA Board of Directors. Employers are to complete and submit claims online through the NTA’s corporate website, www.nta.com.na

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