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ProVET Generates Needs Assessment Report on Water & Sanitation Sector

Posted by: In: News 15 Oct 2015 Comments: 0

The Promotion of Vocational Education and Training (ProVET) Project has released a Needs Assessment Report for the Water & Sanitation Sector. The report highlights the importance of water and sanitation in Namibia as well as the importance of vocational and technical training within the sector. It also makes recommendations with regard to the development of unit standards and qualifications.
Speaking to The Stakeholder on the sidelines of a recent Water and Sanitation Sector Roundtable Meeting, held at NTA Village, ProVET Expert, Sebastian Wenz (photo), said a national consultation round conducted in 2014 revealed that stakeholders were not fully convinced that the needs of the industry in terms of dealing with current skills gaps, would be adequately covered by the unit standards and qualifications proposed at the time.
“ProVET, therefore, agreed to consult the industry further and supplement the existing information from the initial job profiling and unit standards development with new information from the Sector Skills Plan (SSP). We followed up with further visits to key industry players and collected additional research, which culminated in the Needs Assessment Report on Water and Sanitation”, Wenz explained.
The report identifies possible gaps between current levels of training and performance and the objectives and expectations regarding the delivery of services by water and sanitation supply personnel. Thus, it evaluates learning and training needs and, on this basis, attempts to propose solutions as to how the sector can leverage human resource potential and improve capacities within the water and sanitation trades.
“This Needs Assessment Report on Water and Sanitation should be seen as additional information and thus supplements current information and data contained in the NTA’s recently-approved Water and Sanitation Sector Skills Plan, especially in view of the development of unit standards and qualifications, which ProVET is currently busy with”, Wenz noted.
ProVET invites stakeholders interested in learning more about the report and the recommendations contained therein to contact Yvonne Doerfler, TVET Sector Specialist at telephone number, 061-207 8118, or e-mail, ydoerfler@nta.com.na

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