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Local Automotive Trainers Upskill in Germany

Posted by: In: News 17 Feb 2016 Comments: 0

Twelve local VET trainers left for Berlin, Germany on the 16th of January 2016 to undergo a six week training course at that country’s renowned Lucas-Nuelle Academy.

Addressing the group at a send-off ceremony at NTA Village, Acting CEO, Jerry Beukes said their training formed part of a broad capacity building drive to respond to expectations under the NTA’s rolling five-year Strategic Plan to continuously upgrade the qualifications and build the competence of instructors and trainers in our VET system.“It is also a response to a recent broad competence assessment exercise that was conducted to determine the nature and extent of our VTC trainers’ qualifications and competencies (both pedagogical and technical) in relation to prevailing standards and requirements. This exercise was also aimed at recommending appropriate capacity-building strategies and interventions to address skills gaps identified in this process, and ultimately improve the quality of our VET outcomes”, Beukes explained.

He stressed as a key recommendation of this exercise the NTA intent, not only to train, but also continuously re-train those instructors and trainers, currently in the VET system. “This initiative is in line with this recommendation and the NTA remains committed to implementing similar initiatives in partnership with other local and international training institutions, in future”, Beukes highlighted.

The Lucas-Nuelle Academy has studied the Namibian National Qualifications Framework levels and descriptors to determine and develop a tailor-made programme based on the individual qualifications and levels of competence. All group members will also be attached to different industry employers, whilst in Germany.

The group consists of trainers from the Okakarara Vocational Training Centre, Rundu Vocational Training Centre, Valombola Vocational Training Centre, Windhoek Vocational Training Centre, Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) and the National Youth Service (NYS).

A VET trainer from Okakarara VTC, Mervis Muhuure, leads the team.

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