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Altogether eleven local Electrical General trainers left the country on Tuesday, 19 July 2016, to participate in an intensive two-month training course at the internationally renowned Lucas Nuelle Institute, in Kerpen, Federal Republic of Germany.

The training intervention serves as a comprehensive response on the part of the NTA to national development objectives, as outlined in the Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4), the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP) and the Harambee Prosperity Plan, which amongst others emphasise the need for local trainers to undergo technical and pedagogical upskilling and capacitation, through the upgrading of their qualifications and enhanced industry exposure.

VET Curriculum Implementation Manager, Ernst Eixab says the NTA engaged Lucas Nuelle Institute to ensure a tailor-made training programme, which suits the Namibian context by considering crucial issues such as the Namibian Unit Standards and the qualification level on the National Qualification Framework. “The training course is indeed very advanced and include a range of specialized courses. We are confident that our participants will meet expectations”, Eixab explained.

The training course is to cover the following key areas: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering; Measuring Electrical Quantities; Effects and Dangers of Electric Current; Protective Measures and Accident Prevention Regulations; Repair Work and Modification, Creating and Interpreting Schematics, First Aid and Firefighting in Electrical Accidents; and Electrical Equipment Operations.
It is also to include a strong focus on measurement, systematic troubleshooting, electromechanical and electrical components, installations and pedagogy and didactics.

The participants will also have the opportunity to visit leading industry plants, whilst in Germany. According to Eixab, the skills, knowledge and experience gained from the training course can go a long way in contributing to improved quality in local Electrical General training. “We expect the participants to upon their return, share their newfound skills and knowledge with our Technical Working Groups (TWGs), especially as far as revising the set curricula and the setting of assessment papers are concerned. Indeed, they need to share their knowledge and skills to the benefit of the training-learning process”, he added.
Eixab also highlighted an expectation for the group of trainers to act as mentors to other Electrical General trainers at both public and private VTCs. “They will have to take up a leading role on learning platforms to share their skills and knowledge with their peers”, Eixab said.

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