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The public has responded overwhelmingly to a recent invitation by the NTA for eligible Namibians with advanced vocational and and technicals skills and hands-on experience in their respective fields to register for its current Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Round.

NTA RPL Coordinator, Moses Tjirare says the NTA has identified RPL as part of its funding interventions under the Key Priority Training Grant Funding Window of the VET Levy. Such RPL assessments can result in recognised qualifications for the selected candidates, who will now undergo assessment within current industry standards and obtain qualifications that may add value to their personal portfolios. “We are very happy with the response. More than 500 applications were received. It clearly demonstrates the need for RPL, and going forward, we will have to work very hard to ensure that we extend this service to all industry sectors”, Tjirare explained. “Indeed, the Harambee Prosperity Plan expects about 2 000 individuals to be certified through RPL, by the end of the Harambee period”, he noted.

As far as those who missed out on the application deadline for the current RPL assessment round is concerned, Tjirare highlights that a second round is being planned for September this year. “Those eligible candidates who missed out on the current round should not despair. In fact, my advice to them is to start preparing their applications and portfolios for submission. We are going to focus on the same areas. However, the scope might also increase and discussions in this regard are ongoing. We will inform the public through the media”, he highlighted.

RPL is the process of formally recognising skills and knowledge acquired over years, regardless of how, when and where such learning occurred. Prospective applicants for RPL on Level 2 should have a minimum of three years relevant working experience, while a minimum of five years relevant working experience is required from applicants for Level 3. Such experience may include community work, volunteer work, previous training or any other relevant life experiences. Occupation-specific application forms can be accessed through the ‘Downloads’ section on the NTA corporate website www.nta.com.na , or collected at the NTA’s Assessment and Certification Division, Routh Street, Northern Industria, Windhoek.

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