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In line with the requirements of the Vocational Education and Training Act of 2008, and the Regulations Related to the use of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Levy, the Namibia Training Authority may allocate an amount not exceeding 35 percent of the levies received for a financial year to cater for the funding of training interventions under the VET Levy’s Key Priority Training Funding Window.

According to the General Manager: National Training Fund, Joseph Mukendwa, it was against this background that the Board of Directors approved a list of focus areas to be supported from the Key Priority Grant allocation. “Following a thorough and detailed selection process, we have now identified a number of credible training institutions to offer training under this allocation and we are hard at work to finalise service level agreements with all these institutions”, he said.

The approved interventions include demand-led programmes identified in the NTA’s Skills Development Plan for the VET Sector (SDP1). “Under this area, accredited training institutions were invited in October 2015 through a public notice, to submit proposals for training in occupations identified in high demand as listed in the SDP1. Fifteen proposals were received, of which eight institutions met the criterion of accreditation with the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA)”, Mukendwa stated.

The interventions also include support to the NTA’s VET expansion programme, in particular the support of innovative approaches to training delivery and the establishment of production units at training centers. “The engagement of training institutions under this intervention is being implemented in two phases. While, we already engaged the public Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) under the first phase, the second phase involved the engagement of private institutions. I am glad to announce that in this regard, the Board approved the proposals of two local private institutions”, Mukendwa said.

Mukendwa also highlighted that the Key Priority Training interventions included a strong focus on the inclusion of People with Disabilities into the VET sector. “As an organisation, we are indeed very happy about this development as it ties in well with the support we have envisioned to render towards supporting inclusiveness in VET. We want to ensure that specialised equipment and training materials are made available and that training infrastructure are friendly to the needs of people with disabilities. I am therefore delighted that the Namibian Federation of the Visually Impaired (NFVI) has submitted a request for financial support to ensure training continuity at its service centre, where thirty-six individuals now stand to benefit from our funding”, Mukendwa highlighted.

Mukendwa noted that the NTA planned to stage a signing ceremony in the capital in July 2016 where it is going to enter into contracts with all the identified training institutions.“We plan to invite the media to this event to support us in getting the message out there that funds collected through the VET Levy are applied in a transparent and responsible manner towards ensuring that we invest in high-quality demand-led training for the benefit of our trainees and our industry stakeholders, at large. Growing more training opportunities under this funding window of the VET Levy will continue to remain a key priority for the National Training Fund, for the foreseeable future”, he noted.

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