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Inclusive VET: Levy Supports Operations of Namibian Federation of the Visually Impaired

Posted by: In: News 24 Aug 2016 Comments: 0

The Namibian Federation for the Visually Impaired (NVFI) has welcomed the funding support it is to receive through the Key Priority Training Grant Funding Window of the Vocational Education and Training Levy. The NTA has entered into a N$ 1.9 million Service Level Agreement with the NVFI to support it in ensuring the continuity of its rehabilitation training and service centre, which amongst others offers braille, community-based rehabilitation training, computer training, entrepreneurship development and peer counselling services.
Speaking at a signing ceremony in the capital on Tuesday, 9th August 2016, NVFI Executive Director, Moses Nghipandulwa welcomed the agreement saying it will help to sustain the operations of the NVFI, which submitted a request for financial support to ensure the continuity of training at its service centre. “Forty-five persons now stand to benefit from further training under this funding intervention. The timing of this agreement is perfect. The Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired previously funded the NVFI, but its financial support ended on the 30th of December 2015, which has led to the suspension of the rehabilitation training programmes, from April this year”, Nghipandulwa explained. On his part, CEO, Jerry Beukes highlighted that the support to the NVFI was aligned to the NTA’s ongoing objective to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities into the VET sector. “We are pleased to now be part of the NFVI’s activities and we trust that they will continue their good work in making VET an inclusive and viable option. Inclusiveness remains high on our agenda and we look forward to consider requests for support and cooperation from other role-players to ensure that we secure and grow inclusive training opportunities for many more Namibians living with disabilities”, Beukes stressed.

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