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ZVTC Inaugurates Guesthouse Training Facility

Posted by: In: News 03 Apr 2017 Comments: 0

The Zambezi Vocational Training Centre inaugurated a brand new guesthouse training facility at its Katima Mulilo campus, on the 13th of March 2017.

Officiating at the event, CEO, Jerry Beukes appealed to businesses in the Zambezi region, especially those in the tourism and hospitality sectors, to become the NTA’s job attachment partners. “There is not enough job attachment opportunities available in the local training market,” he said, adding that job attachment opportunities make up an integral part of training, as trainees are required at specific intervals of their programmes to gain practical work experience at relevant industry employers.

“Such opportunities substantially increase the chances of graduates finding employment because for an employer, a candidate who has spent time working in a particular industry shows dedication and enthusiasm for a particular job. Most importantly, job attachments boost self-confidence, entrepreneurship and create positive attitudes,” he said.
Beukes noted that the support of the relevant industry stakeholders will prove that what they are doing at the vocational centres is producing productive members of society. “Indeed, the real test in our country’s Vocational Education and Training sector is the employability of our graduates. Therefore, our plea to employers is to become meaningful partners in our quest to deliver graduates of a high quality and high calibre, whose skills will allow them to add value to any employer, or to start their own businesses,” he added.

Meanwhile, ZVTC Centre Manager, Richard Kambinda welcomed the new facility saying that it enabled the institution to provide much-needed practical training for trainees. “As a training institution, we have an obligation to provide practical hands-on training to our trainees. This facility now positions us to do so in giving our Tourism and Hospitality trainees both the theoretical and practical knowledge right here at the institution”, he explained.

Zambezi Governor, Hon. Lawrence Sampofu, officiated at the event and called on inhabitants of Katima Mulilo and the broader Zambezi region to take full ownership of the facility.

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