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Annual Employer Training Grant Submission Round a Success

Posted by: In: News 05 Jul 2017 Comments: 0

The 2016/17 Annual VET Levy Employer Training Grant Submission Round has been described as a resounding success.
General Manager: National Training Fund, Joseph Mukendwa told The Stakeholder that claim applications from employers submitted before the deadline of 1 May 2017, increased compared to the previous financial year.
“We received about 360 applications during the previous round and as such, we set ourselves a target of increasing the applications received to about 400 for this financial year. By the deadline of 1 May 2017, we received altogether 490 applications”, Mukendwa explained.
“We are delighted by the increase. Not only does it demonstrate that more and more VET Levy-paying employers are investing in the training of their employees, but that they are embracing the VET Levy programme as a national initiative aimed at upskilling the Namibian labour force”, he said.
Mukendwa ascribes the increase in applications to intensified engagement and marketing efforts to raise awareness amongst employers about the need to complete and submit their applications before the annual deadline.
“VET Levy training advisors attended to altogether 207 individual meetings with employers across the country, during which they explained the claim process and criteria. Although it was a lot of hard work and sacrifice on the part of the team, we are now reaping the fruits of face-to-face interactions with these employers, who all did not participate in the previous submission round”, Mukendwa highlighted.
“An integrated marketing and public relations campaign ran during the month of April also contributed significantly to our success in increasing the claim applications we received”, he added.
Thanking all VET Levy-paying employers for their support and calling on them to continue their participation, Mukendwa encouraged them to be pro-active in the preparation of claim applications, and not to postpone until the expiry of the annual deadline. “I believe that if all companies follow this approach, we can grow the number of applications, even more. Too many companies wait until the deadline is upon them, before preparing claim submissions”, he noted.
“Unfortunately, the NTA does not accept late claim applications. And monies not claimed are channeled to the Key Priority Training Grant of the VET Levy”, he concluded.

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