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The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) has kicked off with a series of development workshops; aimed at upskilling prospective training institutions to be able to deal with registration application requirements such as policy and procedure development and business plan development.
Speaking to The Stakeholder, Manager: Quality Assurance, Ian Gicheru said the workshops are also aimed at increasing registration applications. “We have decided to act in a more pro-active manner so as to ensure that we attract more applications, and that once such applications reach our offices they comply with our quality standards. This, in turn, can reduce the registration turnover time”, he explained.
“We have found that many prospective institutions were somewhat put off by our registration process, and what it entails. And while our requirements, as per the Government-gazetted Regulations for the Registration of Training Providers may be deemed strict and demanding, they are aimed at ensuring quality”, he added
The first workshop took place at NTA Village from the 23rd to the 24th of March 2017 and was attended by representatives from nineteen private and non-governmental organisation sector institutions, of which some have already started with the application process.

“The participation was good and the contribution of the prospective training providers was inspiring. Overall, the initiative was very well received and has been a great success”, Gicheru noted. “More workshops with additional topics are in the planning phase and will be rolled out to other parts of the country”, he concluded.

The workshop was conducted in the form of knowledge transfer presentations and working group sessions, where representative from prospective training institutions had the opportunity to work together in groups to discuss and apply what they have learnt.

Doerte Schneider and Metumo Nakaleke from the Quality Assurance Training Provider Support Unit facilitate the workshops.

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