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Draft Unit Standards and Qualifications - National Stakeholder Consultations
ID MA028 - Apply Maritime Geography

ID MA027 - Demonstrate basic understanding of maritime liner trades

ID MA026 - Analyse a business and determine the way it functions

ID MA025 - Design a distribution network

ID MA024 - Manage in and out sourcing

ID MA023 - Analyse logistics systems and implement appropriate strategic plans

ID MA022 - Formulate risk management policies and procedures for international trading companies

ID MA021 - Secure and retain new business in the freight forwarding industry

ID MA020 - Understand the maritime transport industry

ID MA019 - Foster and maintain customer relations

ID MA018 - Manage employees

ID MA017 - Negotiate with suppliers and clients

ID MA016 - Demonstrate an understanding of the key issues important for compliance with corporate governance principles and socia

ID MA015 - Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of the economy

ID MA014 - Monitor, assess and manage risk

ID MA013 - Manage service provider agreements for a forwarding operation

ID MA012 - Align logistics activities to achieve competitive advantage

ID FO029 - Prepare products for transportation_ manage the return of goods and warehousing

ID MA011 - Explain and identify sea freight carriers and agents

ID MA010 - Market International Freight Forwarding Services

ID MA009 - Apply the Customs and Excise Act to comply with customs regulations for import and export

ID MA008 - Frame and submit customs declarations and carrier release documentation

ID MA007 - Prepare and submit a freight quote or estimate

ID MA006 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of transport insurance

ID MA005 - Demonstrate knowledge of the International Commerce Terms (INCOTERMS) for an int sale

ID MA004 - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the legal framework of freight forwarding

ID MA003 - Outline the operational functions of a freight forwarding company

ID MA002 - Comply with administrative procedures in respect of lost_ discrepant and damaged cargo

ID FO028 - Calculate cost of airfreighting goods

ID FO027 - Identify, pack, mark and label dangerous goods for transportation by air

ID FO026 - Propose relevant equipment and infrastructure used in international transport

ID FO025 - Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of import and export

ID FO024 - Demonstrate a basic understanding of Dangerous Goods

ID FO023 - Consolidate Freight

ID FO022 - Calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions

NS4 - Identify, describe, compare, classify, explore shapes and motion

ID FO021 - Load and unload vehicles carrying special loads

ID FO020 - Apply safe procedures when handling or transporting dangerous goods or

ID FO019 - Load and unload dangerous goods for dispatch and receipt in transport logistics work environment

ID FO018 - Accept air cargo for national distribution

ID FO017 - Monitor and track cargo movement

ID FO016 - Follow security procedures when working with goods and cargo

ID FO015 - Demonstrate understanding of road freight distribution

ID FO014 - Demonstrate understanding of basic freight logistic principles

ID FO013 - Control and locate stock

ID FO012 - Comply with handling procedures in respect of lost_ discrepant and damaged cargo

ID FO011- Accept_ handle and control dangerous goods during warehousing (1)

ID MA001 - Apply the basic skills of customer service in a logistics environment

ID FO010 - Lift, move and place loads with a forklift as part of freight operations

ID FO009 - Receive freight

ID FO008 - Pick, allocate, package and group freight for despatch

ID FO007 - Package, load, secure and unload cargo for transportation

ID FO006 - Move cargo using manual handling methods

ID FO005 - Despatch Freight

ID FO004 - Carry out calculations and measurements for logistics operations

ID FO003 - Demonstrate an understanding of geographical principles, interpret maps and navigate pre-determined routes

ID FO002 - Apply basic principles of cargo handling

ID FO001 - Demonstrate introductory knowledge of transport and logistics

National Vocational Certificate in Transport Logistics - Freight Coordination - Level 5

National Vocational Certificate in Transport Logistics - Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance - Level 4

National Vocational Certificate in Transport Logistics - Freight Handling- Level 3

National Vocational Certificate in Transport Logistics - Freight Handling - Level 2
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