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Research & Planning

Research on Vocational Education and Training represents an integral function of the Namibia Training Authority as it unlocks strategic intelligence to inform the design of skills development activities and programmes.

The NTA has established a dedicated division to facilitate its broader research, policy and planning activities. Towards this end, research is conducted on macro-economic, sector, occupational, skills and education and training levels and is executed individually over the twenty-four (24) industry sectors. Each of these sectors is grouped under one of the ten Industry Skills Committees, currently in operation.

Currently, a number of state-owned enterprises, agencies and institutions are in possession of research data related to the different levels of research mentioned above. The NTA collects, manages and analyses such data to ensure that its labour market information system remains current and updated, which in turn informs and guides decisions for the review of legislative instruments, policies and procedures.

Over the next four years, the Research & Planning Division is expected to ensure the development of Sector Skills Strategies/Plans, which are based on quantitative data collected. Driven by stakeholder participation, quantitative data is translated into qualitative data, which provides the background and/or basis for planning at the NTA.
Sector Skills Strategies
In accordance with the Section 15 (1) (c) of the VET Act of 2008, each Industry Skills Committee must develop a Sector Skills Strategy (SSS) to assist the Board of Directors to meet the requirements for those key industry sectors that they cover.

The Sector Skills Strategies represent an analysis of the labour market, which gets compiled once every five years, and is updated annually.

The purpose of the Sector Skills Strategy is to ensure that the ISCs have relevant, up-to-date information and analysis to allow them to perform their strategic skills planning function for the sector, and to maximise participation by employers in the National Human Resource Plan through the efficient use of resources available for training within the sector.

Amongst others, the Sector Skills Strategies provide for:

-Profiling of the labour force within the sector by region, age, gender, qualification and occupational category;
-Monitoring the supply of, and demand for labour within the sector;
-Tracking the absorption of new labour market entrants into the sector;
-Identifying areas of skills growth and skills need; and
-Identifying opportunities and constraints on employment growth in the sector.
Research Reports
Find below research reports commissioned by the NTA’s Standards, Assessment and Certification Council and its ten Industry Skills Committees:
For further information, contact the ISC Secretariat Officer as per the grouping below:

Agriculture & Forestry ISC
Business and Financial Services ISC
Wholesale and Retail Trade ISC

Dalia N. Sheehamandje-Mwiya  - Industry Skills Development Officer
Tel: +264 61 2078 568 Fax: +264 61 2078 551

Tourism and Hospitality ISC
Fishing and Maritime ISC
Mining, Quarrying, Construction, Electricity, Gas and Sanitation ISC
Health Care and Social Services ISC
Transport and Logistics ISC
Postal and Communication ISC
Manufacturing, Automotive Sale, Arts and Craft ISC

Mighty Katulo - Industry Skills Development Officer
Tel: +264 61 2078 550 Facsimile: +264 61 2078 551

Standards Assessment Certification Council (SACC)

Tuwilika Shilongo - Standards, Assessment and Certification Council Officer
Tel: +264 61 2078 522 Facsimile: +264 61 2078 551 

Research Reports

Mining & Quarrying, Construction, Electricity, Gas, Water Supply & Sanitation
Tourism & Hospitality
No reports
Financial & Business Services
No reports
Agricultural & Forestry
Fisheries & Maritime
Health Care and Social Services
No reports
Transport, Warehousing and Logistics
No reports
Wholesale and Retail Trade
No reports
Post and Telecommunications
No reports
Manufacturing, Automotive Sales and Arts & Crafts
No reports