As a service delivery department, the business of the Finance and Administration Department is largely to facilitate the achievement of the Namibia Training Authority’s strategic objectives. Amongst others, the Department assumes the following responsibilities: budget preparation and forecasting; budget monitoring, control and support; accounting and internal control processes for revenue and expenditure; procurement; financial control and compliance; financial and operational reviews/audits; and inventory management. Enquiries may be directed to the Office of the General Manager – Finance & Administration, Mr. Uahoroka Kauta.

The department consists of the following divisions:

Corporate Finance – Manager – Mr. Felix Shipepe

Asset Management – Manager – Mr. Sackeus Pohamba

Capital Projects – Manager – Mr. Gad Kangueehi

Procurement – Manager – Mr. Richard Ndjahera 


Uahoroka Kauta



Gad Kangueehi

Richard Ndjahera

Contact:  +264 61 2078 564

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