Partnership, local and international, is an essential part of the NTA’s business, especially in today’s business landscape where strategic partnerships are key to better serving customers by merging talent, expertise, technology and purpose. The NTA is open to strategic partnership which can create value for our organisation and Namibia’s VET sector, at large.

Strategic partnerships have had a major influence on the speed and ease with which the NTA achieves its goals and objectives.  In this regard, working and collaborating with likeminded organisations, local and international, has provided significant benefits to our organisation and our country’s VET sector.

Click on the link below to view all partnerships formalised between the NTA and its partners.

NTA Partnerships

1. Promotion of Vocational Education and Training (ProVET) Project: Funded by the German Federal Government and is being implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The project complements the development cooperation between Namibia and Germany in the priority area of sustainable economic development and has as key objectives the rendering of support to key elements of the VET System and to overall implementation of the National Training Fund (NTF); and the enhancement of industry/ private sector participation in the NTA’s programmes and activities.

2. European Development Fund 11: In 2013, the National Planning Commission and the European Union (EU) Delegation agreed to a joint programme based on a national indicative framework under the European Development Fund 11 (EDF 11) to guide cooperation in line with the Fourth National Development Plan (NDP4). As part of the negotiations, the Namibian Government, through the NPC, made a special request to the EU to consider funding the VET sector as a priority in NDP4, which was eventually approved. This project commenced on 1 July 2016. Of significance, as part of this support, is the establishment a Training Hub focused on raising the quality of, and improving access to VET in a cluster of VTCs in northern Namibia, namely Eenhana VTC (Ohangwena), Valombola VTC (Oshana) and Nakayale VTC (Omusati).

3. Human Resources Development of South Korea (HRDKorea): HRDKorea, through their Global Institute for Transferring Skills (GIFTS), through its K-STAR Project, continues to support the NTA, the WorldSkills Namibia Secretariat and the National Skills Competition. The project is aimed at transferring skills and global relevant technologies to the local VET fraternity to close the skills gap between our system and the world’s best practices. The implementation of the program continues through production and running of online video training courses in specific areas to help trainers and trainees in Namibia.  The same assistance is also being provided to Namibia by Brazil’s National Service for Industrial Training (SENAI).

The NTA’s VET Programmes Division coordinates all partnership programmes the organisation has entered into, whilst at the same time coordinating all new requests for partnership towards full formalisation.

Is your organisation interested in partnering with the NTA?

Contact us at 061-20178 569 should you have any questions and/or queries in this regard.

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