The term Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), refers to a broad spectrum of processes, all aimed at reaching a judgment of an individual’s personal particulars, current competencies, work and life experience, and formal and/or non-formal learning, assessed against transparent criteria, for a variety of purposes.

Referring to the processes through which the knowledge and skills a person acquired previously are measured and assessed for the purpose of formally recognising such achievements, the prior learning would be assessed against one or more unit standards, or components of a part-qualification or qualification. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) allows experienced adults to become qualified based on what they already know, and what skills/competences they already possess.

In cases where an individual meets the entry requirements the candidate may apply to be assessed through a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. It is a rigorous process whereby candidates must be found competent against the outcomes and competencies of the registered qualification and designation. It is a streamlined process which uses a combination of assessment methodologies and supporting evidence of the candidate’s competence. Upon successful registration the RPL candidate will receive all assessment information and documentation which will include a copy of the relevant Portfolio of Evidence, and applicable study material.

Download the application form through the link below and register for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment.



Typically, the RPL process involves the following steps/stages:

  • Step 1 – Submission of Application form and required documents.
  • Step 2 – NTA will invoice the applicant.
  • Step 3 – Payment of invoice to be confirmed with NTA.
  • Step 4 – Application is evaluated to determine if the applicant meets the minimum entry requirements for RPL.
  • Step 5 – The NTA will contact the applicant regarding the outcome of the application.
  • Step 6 – If the application is approved, the applicant will be added to an assessment group and informed accordingly.
  • Step 7 – Assessment is conducted.
  • Step 8 – Candidates are informed of assessment results after moderation is completed.

In the event of a candidate being found “not yet competent” he/she will be provided with feedback. The NTA will also provide information regarding the sections which may be reassessed in order to achieve competency. Candidates who are found “not yet competent” should however consider going through the applicable training provider to build a stronger foundation.

The RPL assessment is conducted under strict examination conditions and protocol. Information regarding the assessment format and duration can be obtained from the NTA’s Assessment and Certification Division at 061-2078 200..

Representatives of the NTA’s Assessment and Certification Division administer the RPL Programme and its objectives with prospective applicants and training providers interested in participating in this initiative.

Enquiries can be directed to telephone number, 061 – 2078 200, during office hours.

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