Dear Stakeholder,

We are coming to the end of yet another eventful year for the Namibia Training Authority.

In as much as I appreciate that I’m just occupying the leadership chair on a temporary basis, I find myself filled with gratitude in looking back at another year of notable moments and highlights for our organisation.

2023 saw us venturing onto a new strategic path: The premise for the NTA 2023-2027 Integrated Strategic Business Plan is to build on more than a decade of steadfast growth and value in repositioning the TVET sector to better serve the Namibian economy, and society, at large.

It is a proposition grounded on a shared appreciation of the collective work that lies ahead in pursuing our vision, which is to be a vibrant and dynamic institution enabling a sustainable TVET sector; and in living out our mission, which is to create a conducive environment for sustainable TVET sector growth, through the provision of a holistic regulatory framework and sustainable funding.

In doing so, we must inspire and demonstrate hope in TVET. This is so, because TVET holds the key to technological progress, rapid industrialisation, wealth creation and poverty reduction. By unlocking its power as a tool for supporting growth and development – both at the individual and community level – we can convert our country’s rising unemployment challenge into an enabling demographic dividend in which young people of working age are developing their productive potential.

Having taken stock of past successes and current challenges, we have recalibrated our strategic goals. As such, the ISBP puts forward initiatives for growth and value; not only in response to changing needs, but also to reposition the NTA as an active agent to drive the change we seek. Key enablers of our vision – Sustainability, Excellence and Growth – will facilitate our collective effort, which is to be executed in concert with our stakeholders.

Meaningful engagement will continue to stand central in our endeavour. I thank all our stakeholders, who continue to engage with us constructively on key matters that impact on our work and the TVET sector, at large. We are excited about the prospects ahead.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I wish you joy, peace, and fulfilment. It’s a time to recharge, reflect, and return in 2024 with renewed vigour as we embrace the challenges and triumphs that the new year will undoubtedly bring. It’s a time to connect with all that grounds us in our purpose, and a time to welcome peace and harmony into our lives.

Thank you for your partnership and support over the past year.  The gift of love, the gift of peace, and the gift of happiness; may all these by yours, this Christmas.

Virginia Kaimu

Acting Chief Executive Officer


  1. Inana Johannes Ndalukulula says:

    As I am waiting for a positive response regarding my 2024 TVET application, I wish you all a marry Christmas and happy new year.

    • Eben Kamatoto says:

      Great massage from our CEO, indeed in 2024 we return with renewed minds, focused and hearts full of purpose. I wish all NTA stakeholders a productive 2024 ahead.


    to the Management and the entire NTA’s employees and your stakeholders

    Ms V Kaimu, thank you for your admirable and visionary leadership…it is evident that the “wind of change” is blowing strongly accross Namibia, and NTA is clearly on par!

    Congratulations to you and your team! May 2024 be the year of great harvests!

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