07 June 2022

Industry stakeholders linked to the occupational domain of ‘Agriculture ’ are invited to participate in national consultations on related unit standards and qualifications, registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

According to the NTA’s TVET Standards Manager, Amon Haufiku stakeholder inputs will assist in the refinement of the unit standards and qualifications.

“A recent review has resulted in several changes and amendments to the existing unit standards and qualifications in these domains. Our review work must follow processes similar to those followed in the development, and thus calls for a formal consideration inclusive of the engagement of relevant national stakeholders”, he explained.

Stakeholders can attend a series of national consultation workshops as per the schedule below, and confirm attendance before the respective consultative workshop dates.

13 June 2022STAMPRIETRoots Village09:00-12:00
15 June 2022WINDHOEKGateway Centre09:00-12:00
17 June 2022TSUMEBMakalani Hotel09:00-12:00
20 June 2022RUNDURVTC Venue09:00-12:00
22 June 2022OUTAPIO’Zodiac Star Pension Hotel09:00-12:00

For enquiries and confirmations:

Mr. Patrick Hilger                                   Ms. Theresia Nangolo

Cell: 081 288 1038                                Tel: 061 2078 659 / 081 672 2477



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