The Namibia Training Authority officially handed over the newly renovated facilities of the Kai//Ganaxab Youth Skills Training Centre at Mariental to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and National Services.

Officiating at the handover, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation Hon Natalie /Goagoses described the facility as a crucial step in the Namibian government’s unwavering commitment to the transformation and advancement of the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) sector.

The Minister underscored the Namibian government’s strategic vision for the TVET sector, emphasising its role as a vital source of skills, knowledge, and technology necessary to propel productivity in knowledge-based and transitional societies of the 21st century. “The renovated Kai//Ganaxab Youth Skills Training Centre stands as a testament to this vision, representing progress aligned with the government’s commitment to fostering a robust TVET environment” the Minister said.

“Investments in TVET have a crucial impact on the nation’s youth by providing them with practical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to the workforce. The commitment to education and youth empowerment is not merely a promise, but a tangible reality, as the government actively invests in facilities like the Kai//Ganaxab Youth Skills Training Centre to provide a conducive environment for skills development” she added.

Among its numerous features, the centre boasts advanced workshops designed to provide comprehensive training in various technical and vocational fields such as Bricklaying and Plastering, Carpentry and Joinery, Hospitality and Catering, Plumbing and Pipefitting, Welding and Fabrication, Office Administration and ICT Skills as well as Tailoring Design and Fashion.

“These workshops are not just spaces; they represent opportunities for growth, skill acquisition, and a pathway to a brighter future for the youth of Hardap region and Namibia as a whole” the Minster concluded.

The facility was received by the Minister of Sports, Youth and National Services- Hon Agnes Tjongarero.

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