As part of strategic interventions under the Key Priority Grant funding window of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Levy, the NTA has identified apprenticeship training as one such a key intervention for funding. Apprenticeship training requires an apprentice to acquire the skills for an occupation in a company, while learning and working side-by-side with an experienced Artisan/Technician/ Supervisor. In addition, the Apprentice learns occupational related theory at a registered training institution to complement on-the-job training in the workplace. Apprenticeship is a time-honored way of training for a trade or profession. Instead of completing an educational program and then taking an entry-level job, an apprentice begins work from the start of the programme, earning money as the apprentice builds skills through supervised training and classroom theoretical education. Many people enter an apprenticeship as a way of learning new job skills while being able to draw a salary and avoid the high cost of traditional technical and vocational training programmes.

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